This year again will be an existential struggle against the Communists and Khmer Rouge Greens trying to turn us into obedient sheep in thrall to the fake pandemic and climate change scams. Already communists in Valencia are forcing people to wear dehumanizing muzzles again. Over my dead body. Resist the bastards as you would resist the tyrannical mad mullahs in Iran forcing women to wear degrading garb.

Once again our new year started with the Proms in the ‘Pool.

Starting 2023

This year is going to be harder than ever with the communist lizards trying to destroy our free will and permanently enslave us with the sheep succumbering even more to propaganda about the scamdemic and so-called climate emergency. However we started the New Year off the right way!

Rule Britannia!
Land of Hope and Glory

Be This Guy

When someone tells you “everyone” thinks differently continue thinking for yourself and evaluate the evidence for yourself. And think about this guy.