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New Dutch Low Power Station Atlantis Radio 1395 khz

The Dutch government has legislated to license low power private MF stations – an initiative well beyond the wit or comprehension of Ofcom in the UK. Here’s how Atlantis Radio was sounding in London at midnight UTC. Atlantis is of course an old offshore pirate name from the past

Using the trapped Inverted L for 160/80 as the Flag nulls to the East.

1440 YNRM Radio Maranatha Managua Nicaragua heard in London

Been a while since I posted (yet again) and a very belated Happy New Year to whoever reads this…

MF has been rubbish for couple of months or so but with the Euro shut-down of France/Germany and Luxembourg MF stations some more DX becomes possible. The morning of 1 February had some very interesting conditions towards Latin America and I logged my first Nicaraguan: See how Radio Maranatha was sounding on this clip –

First time round with NR and second without. ID is “Rios de Agua Viva” – see¬†for more details and thanks to JF and MMS for the tip and ID.

Irish MF Unlicensed Outlets Audible in London

MF and HF conditions have been terrible overall the last couple of months though NA MF peaked up last week in October whilst in Carcassonne and the 300m BOG brought in some good catches. Here in London the first week or so of November has seen middling MF with only east-coast regulars making it through. However the Irish unlicensed stations have been particularly good this month – often audible through the late afternoon, evening, night and early mornings well after dawn.

Here’s how Radio North 846 and Star Country 981 were sounding couple of nights ago in London:

Whilst the north of Ireland relay of Horizon FM on 927 kHz seems to have had either a transmitter power or antenna gain boost. Here’s how it was coming into London at 19.15:

Some MF DX amongst the HF Wipe-Out

HF conditions have been dire the past week or so due to an active sun. However there has been some interesting MF DX available.

I assume either Family Radio WFME New York was off this particular morning or strange propagation conditions as KGOW Houston Yahoo Sports Radio was coming through on 1560 kHz at 0500 UTC 8 September 2015:

Later that evening I had some Brazilian reception on 940 kHz from Radio Super Rede Boa Vontade Rio do Janeiro. Brazil is unusual at this QTH due to southern UK location and Flag beam width not optimal for 220 degrees (Flag points at 300 degrees).

Kit was Perseus SDR with 10×4 m flag antenna and Wellbrook FLG100LN pre-amp/balun.