Monthly Archives: November 2015

VHF Contesting

So few months ago I joined the local VHF contest group – Drowned Rats Radio Group – M0HRF. Not quite used to a local amateur club actually doing amateur radio after the few years spent in Radio Society of Harrow but all going very well so far! Great to socialise and play radio with a great bunch of very enthusiastic lads.

We took part in the July 2015 RSGB Field day and came 2nd in our category – here’s a picture of some of our big twigs and the certificate:


We also came second in the 2m Backpackers event – next year first for sure!!

Irish MF Unlicensed Outlets Audible in London

MF and HF conditions have been terrible overall the last couple of months though NA MF peaked up last week in October whilst in Carcassonne and the 300m BOG brought in some good catches. Here in London the first week or so of November has seen middling MF with only east-coast regulars making it through. However the Irish unlicensed stations have been particularly good this month – often audible through the late afternoon, evening, night and early mornings well after dawn.

Here’s how Radio North 846 and Star Country 981 were sounding couple of nights ago in London:

Whilst the north of Ireland relay of Horizon FM on 927 kHz seems to have had either a transmitter power or antenna gain boost. Here’s how it was coming into London at 19.15: