Monthly Archives: January 2021

Wales’s Shame

This is what the UK has come to. You can be fined for travelling 7 miles to see your sick 94 year old mother who could die any day. Disgusting.


5 January 2021 saw a solar blow-out which started impacting MF around 04.00z. However before that conditions became enhanced. Never heard Winnipeg’s CJOB as loud as this:

Couple of hours earlier there was a bit of a mystery on 1250 kHz. Is the first station CJYE/CJOY 1250? I can’t transcribe correctly the words after “I’m Dave Pike.” Then do we have a fade and another religious station comes up and goes through TOTH without ID?

NA MF DX Season

It’s the North American MF DX season of course and this morning saw some Prairies action with CFRY 920 kHz

While Newfoundland’s VOCM was very strong at midnight on 590 kHz.