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Nooelec SmarTee with Sawbird+ NOAA

So the final test for pc reception was using the Nooelec SmarTee V2 with the Nooelec Sawbird+ NOAA 137 MHz pre-amp and filter. The results are shown in the two images below. Pretty darn good I think you’ll agree!

The filter appears to clean-up the image once you have a decent signal. Superb performance for the Smartee combination.

NOAA 19 northbound 16.56z 8 Feb 2021 MCIR with Precipitation enhancement
NOAA 18 northbound 18.16z 8 Feb 2021 MCIR with Precipitation enhancement

That concludes the PC tests. Next indoor steps are to get the Raspberry Pi 4b decoding passes with the SmarTee/Sawbird combo and outdoors to get the turnstile antenna up.

Weather Satellite Reception with Nooelec Smart V4 Dongle

Couple of images from yesterday and this morning using the Nooelec Smart V4 sdr-rtl usb stick. The first image I had the gain set at 34 db before increasing it about half way through the pass to 44 db. Made a large difference to the quality of reception. Seem like the new generation of rtl-sdr sticks are much better with high gain settings. The older ones would just overload badly.

Second pass is a southbound one for a change. One more test to go with a Nooelec SmartTee (built-in bias-t) with Sawbird 137 MHz filter. However I’d be amazed if I got better results as I’m pretty happy with what I’ve managed so far.

NOAA 19 northbound at 17.30z on 5 Feb 2021. MCIR with Precipitation enhancement.
NOAA 18 southbound at 10.18z 6 Feb 2021. MCIR with Precipitation enhancement.

To compare my results with the “professionals” check out this site

Finally here is a screen grab of my set-up taken at the beginning of the NOAA 18 pass today.

WXTrack. wxtoimg and SDR# all working in perfect harmony…

More Weather Satellite Images

Same kit as yesterday and the same two passes shown below – both with MCIR with Precipitation enhancement.

NOAA 19 northbound at 17.41z MCIR with Precipitation enhancement
NOAA 15 northbound at 18.16z MCIR with Precipitation enhancement

Weather Satellites – Airspy Discovery HF+

So continuing my experiments I plugged in my Airspy Discovery HF+, checked all was working ok with SDR# V1780 and configured VAC so I could direct audio output from SDR# into wxtoimg. If anyone is interested the VAC settings which worked for me are shown in the image below.

VAC settings for weather satellite reception

I then fired up wxtoimg and set the Recording input to be VAC Line 1. You can then go into Windows 10 properties for VAC Line 1 (Recording) and click Listen to This. So you can hear the satellite audio as it is being piped into wxtoimg. I set the SDR# mode to be WFM with a 34k bandwidth. The results were the two images below. I’m pretty pleased with the pictures. Next step is to see how a Nooelec Smart SDR and a Nooelec Smartee (with built-in Bias-T) to power a Sawbird NOAA 137 MHz filter and pre-amp work. And if it ever stops raining for a day or two to get the turnstile antenna up.

NOAA 19 northbound at 17.53z pristine image.

NOAA 15 northbound at 18.41z MCIR enhancement image.