Weather Satellites – Airspy Discovery HF+

So continuing my experiments I plugged in my Airspy Discovery HF+, checked all was working ok with SDR# V1780 and configured VAC so I could direct audio output from SDR# into wxtoimg. If anyone is interested the VAC settings which worked for me are shown in the image below.

VAC settings for weather satellite reception

I then fired up wxtoimg and set the Recording input to be VAC Line 1. You can then go into Windows 10 properties for VAC Line 1 (Recording) and click Listen to This. So you can hear the satellite audio as it is being piped into wxtoimg. I set the SDR# mode to be WFM with a 34k bandwidth. The results were the two images below. I’m pretty pleased with the pictures. Next step is to see how a Nooelec Smart SDR and a Nooelec Smartee (with built-in Bias-T) to power a Sawbird NOAA 137 MHz filter and pre-amp work. And if it ever stops raining for a day or two to get the turnstile antenna up.

NOAA 19 northbound at 17.53z pristine image.

NOAA 15 northbound at 18.41z MCIR enhancement image.