Carcacassonne Antennas

Here are some pictures of the antennas in use here.

First up here’s the Triax FM5s,  HS Pubs Band I/II and III, Tonna, satellite 2m/70cm, 23cm, DAB antenna for 250 Mhz sats, Diamond V2000 and the Cushcraft R8 40-10m vertical.IMG_0814

Here’s a couple of pictures of the 40/80m Inverted V (25m legs) with apex on a 12m Spiderbeam:

IMG_0819 IMG_0815

It’s been nice and sunny today but clouding over now in late afternoon – snow capped Pyrenees look fantastic – Mont St Barthelemy and Pic Soularic:


and snow capped Canigou visible from the QTH in Catalunya del Nord – modern day French department of Pyrenees Orientales – Catalan border is the other side of Canigou. Canigou is a sacred mountain to the Catalan nation.