Excellent MF Conditions Overnight

Some excellent MF conditions overnight – it’s been a pretty good start to the TA MF season here in London¬† though the last 3-4 days have been nothing special. However this morning at 0500 we had WCKY Cincinatti dominant on 1530 kHz which is normally occupied by semi-local Euros here.¬† Here’s how the ID sounded in London:

On 1650 we had KYHN out of Fort Smith Arkansas. I had noted it earlier this month but not so loud as it was this morning:

Equipment here is the Perseus SDR (software defined radio) and a 8x4m Flag antenna. The Perseus has transformed MF dxing with its ability (with 3rd party tools) to do unattended wide-band recording. No serious MF dxer woudl be without his Perseus! The Flag antenna is perfect for small gardens and you would not believe the difference over using a long wire. I’ll say more about the Flag in another post.