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Tropo in Carcassonne

A bit of tropo in Carcassonne afternoon of 02 October 2013 . Duct was very narrowly focused to the SE across the Med to Sardinia. Video shows how RAI Radio 2 95.3 MHz from Tempio Pausania/Monte Limbara was sounding (and looking) on the Perseus FM+ with Triax FM5 at 125 degrees.

All the stations logged yesterday afternoon can be seen at http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2013-10-02&omid=3154
The Catalan stations are in virtually all the time wheras the Sardinians were tropo enhancement. Interesting to see the Catalan path just to east of where Pyrenees really start and to the west of the Alberes range.,

Incredible Signal Strengths

During yesterday’s tropo lift there were some incredible signal strengths – particularly from Belgian stations. Video below shows how RTBF’s Classic 21 was coming into London like a local.

The tropo was very narrowly defined as can be seen by my log on FMLIST. I did try beaming at 70 degrees but there was no duct to The Netherlands.





Tropo Again in London

Another tropo lift has been under way since yesterday.  The video shows the Perseus FM+ in action with my Triax FM7. You can hear stations from France/Belgium/Germany and Luxembourg as well as UK nationals. The poor RDS performance of the FM+ is clear and the spurs on 87.4 and 87.5 are disgraceful. The only saving grace of the FM+ is its ability to record 1.6 MHz of spectrum.


Superb Tropo

Last couple of days (Monday and Tuesday 23/24 September 2013) have seen some superb tropo condtions in London. I’ve mainly focused on band II dxing with my modded Sony XDR-HD and Triax FM7 (FM8 without front reflector 🙁 ) at about 9m AGL on a cheap rotator though I was beaming at 120 degrees for 90% of the time.

I used the superb FMLIST both to identify stations (or more accurately their probable locations) and also to log my catches. FMLIST offers a graphical representation of your online logbook and mine can be seen here: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2013-09-23&omid=2121 I think most of the tropo duct was to my SE though I did occaisonally move the beam to 180 degrees as you can see.

Highlights include Hitradio Ö3 in Salzburg (1055 km from home QTH), Antenne Bayern from Hochries (1002 km) and SRF 1 and 3 from Säntis (851 km) in Switzerland.